Character creation rules

Rules for character creation:

Level: we are starting at level 2

Racism: You may only be races that have appeared in crunch books or the magazines nothing from the monster manuals or open grave or manual of planes. If you're not sure ask. 

Themes: I'm cool with themes, however, if you find that there is no theme you want to take you may take a multiclass feat as a bonus feat you must meet all prereqs for said bonus feat

Survival: anyone who doesn't start with a maxed out constitution score (18-20)  will be given the "auspicious birth" background which determines your starting hp based on your highest score rather than con. 


Character History

I like to use them as the foundation for the campaign. the more detail you put into the history the more i have to work with to create an interactive experience.

Ten Minute Background

If you would like to create a background, a useful format is the Ten Minute Background. Some of this will probably happen during the campaign building session, so you don’t need to have it complete.

 There is one bit of note for character history: All of you have made your way to the biggest city on the contineint of Thrace, Zweishu. Your reasons for being there are your own but in the last 6 months or so of your lives your characters have come together to form a buiness. Your business helps people locate missing things and people mostly.

Character creation rules

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