Grimnir, magus magistrate


Grimnir is a highly capable wizards. He is originally from a more savage place but came to Zweishu more than 5 years ago since then he has joined the ranks of the cities magus magistrates (cops that attempt to keep people from blowing up the city/world by fucking around with forces they can't control) and become one of the best investigators.

Grimnir's left eye oozes thick black mist. something that clearly has to do with where he was born as well as how he was raised though… no one ever seems to ask him about though. 

 grimnir was credited with the discovery of the hidden temple of vecna in the city and it's subquient destruction.


He is a bit of a hard ass and works most often in the same districts where the "insert character's business name/location of hub" is 




Grimnir, magus magistrate

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